Cody Rhodes Appears On The Ross Report

Cody Rhodes Says AEW Has 40-Person Roster, Searching For Big Guy

On the latest episode of the Ross Report, Cody Rhodes tells Jim Ross that AEW currently has about 40 talents under contract, many of whom have yet to be revealed. Rhodes explains that he wants everyone to have the opportunity to be spotlighted on his Youtube show Road to Double or Nothing, and be introduced to their fan base as if it’s their first day.

Well I know that, um, from a talent number I think we’re nearing about forty talents under a certain type of contract with us. There’s more talent than a lot of people know, because we’re slow and steady on our road to Double or Nothing, May 25th, and we don’t wanna just put a splash page out on everybody. We want you to slowly learn about them. That’s the big thing for me. The Road to Double or Nothing series that I’ve put on the Nightmare Family YouTube channel and the one that we announced — your arrival. Even the people who know you so so well for so many years, I still wanna treat it like it’s everyone’s very first day [in regard to] ‘who this this.’ And that’s especially helpful to the guys you know, these younger guys.

Rhodes also reveals that AEW is on a “hoss hunt,” otherwise known as a search for a big man to join their roster.

Just recently me and Christopher Daniels, Matt, Nick, Tony, Kenny, we all decided we wanted to go on what I called a ‘hoss hunt.” We wanted to look at some guys over six-two, some hosses. They didn’t have to be big body-building types, but you know what I’m looking for. And I think we’ve got a few. I can mention that Michael Wardlow from Pittsburgh who’s an up-and-coming on the independent scene there. He’s somebody we’ve looked strongly at. We haven’t fully committed in terms of a long-term deal, but we’re definitely looking to give him an opportunity at AEW. A guy named Luchasaurus from the West Coast scene who’s a big old hoss himself. Same thing. We went on this ‘hoss hunt’ and we want to find some big boys. You an’t replace that, if that makes any sense. When you see one of those guys, or one of those girls in the airport that’s physically impressive. That’s still part of wrestling and the, going to the circus, seeing [like] ‘Damn! What do you do?’ I think that it’s something that’s gonna help us. Because we’ve got a great young light heavyweight roster that’s going at the moment. But to add that buffet of big, bigger, little, the whole deal. I want it all.

Full episode of the Ross Report is here. 

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