Cody Rhodes Reveals His Pick For Best Wrestling Match Ever

Cody Rhodes Says Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock From WrestleMania 18 Is Best Match Of All-Time

It looks like Cody Rhodes has a very definite opinion regarding what the best match in the history of pro wrestling is.

A fan recently asked Cody on social media if the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart match from WrestleMania 13 is the best match ever.

Cody replied by pointing out anyone who picks that or any other match besides Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock from WrestleMania 18 doesn’t have a full grasp on what the pro wrestling business is yet.

“The best match ever is Hogan/Rock,” wrote Cody via his official Twitter page. “When I ask my friends their all time favorite, if they say anything else…I can determine they haven’t grasped what wrestling is yet.”

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