Cody Rhodes Talks About Growing Up With Sting As His Favorite Pro Wrestler

AEW superstar and Executive VP Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Daniel Trainer about the possibility of having a matchup with the legendary Sting, whom the American Nightmare admits was his favorite wrestler growing up. Listen to what he had to say about the potential dream showdown below.

Says Sting was his favorite wrestler growing up and how he’d love to share the ring with him:

It’s no secret that Sting was my favorite wrestler. I had Sting in WCW and Shawn [Michaels] in WWF. But really I wasn’t supposed to watch WWF. So, Sting was everything. I got to see him live so often and I got to see the connection he had. I honestly am scared to answer that. Obviously, as a wrestler, to stand across the ring from your hero is everyone’s dream, to share that field. So, yes, I would love and envision that.

On the responsibility of having a matchup with Sting:

When you put yourself in that position, you’re no longer a fan. You’re now out to outperform them, out to beat them, however you look at wrestling. You are opposite of them. You are their dance partner, their competition. You’re all these things. That is a big responsibility and that is also just scary, especially if you’re somebody like me who loves the memory and the legacy of wrestlers. I never want them to feel like they have to carry on. Their memories carry on enough as they get older.

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