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Cody Rhodes Talks About His Role On “Arrow,” Doing His Own Stunts

Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes recently spoke with to promote his role as Derek Sampson on the hit-series, “Arrow.”

“It was killer,” said Rhodes. “They did so well by me and I was so excited to be a part of it. They made me cooler than I ever thought I could be. I felt like a supervillain, but a street-style supervillain.”

Rhodes continued, “I think for people who were fans of the interaction between Stephen [Amell] and I as far as the WWE was concerned and SummerSlam – the episode itself, which is completely unrelated, it’s funny, it’s incredibly physical and picks up kind of where we left off from where we were in the ring.”

As Rhodes wrapped up the discussion on the topic, he spoke about the fact that the producers of the show let him do the majority of his own stunts.

“So it’s pretty generous in terms of its action,” said Rhodes. “It was also very kind of the stunt team, on Arrow, to let me do so many of my own stunts. Stephen does so much of his own work so this was a very enriching experience.”

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