Colt Cabana Appears On Busted Open Radio

Colt Cabana Talks About His Current Relationship With CM Punk, If He’ll Wrestle Or Fight Again

As noted, CM Punk and Colt Cabana recently won their lawsuit against WWE doctor Chris Amann. Prior to the verdict, however, there were rumors of issues between the two after Cabana was backstage at an episode of WWE RAW in 2016 due to the feeling that it would hurt their case.

This week, Colt Cabana appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio to talk about the lawsuit, his current relationship with Punk and more. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his relationship with CM Punk right now: “We’re …we’re what we are, you know?”

On if he and Punk are still cordial with each other: “Yes, of course we are. Me and Punk are like you [Bubba Ray Dudley] and Taz. We’re friends [though].”

On if he feels Punk will return to the ring: “I think he has no desire to ever go to WWE, but, you never know. In 10 years, something can be different. His mindset could be different, his pocket book could be different, these are factors that I don’t know. Like, right now, I think he hates wrestling, and everything is kind of… it’s weird, because it’s done everything for him, and it’s also done everything against him. So, I think he has a bad taste for wrestling in his mouth but, you know, in four, five, 10 years, who knows?”

On his MMA future: “I think he’ll want to stay within the industry if they’ll have him.”

Check out the complete Colt Cabana interview above.

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