Corey Graves Says His Daughter Thinks Kevin Owens Is A "Tiny Guy"

Corey Graves On His Daughter Calling Kevin Owens A “Tiny Guy,” WWE Stars Exploiting Twitter

Corey Graves always keeps social media interesting.

In fact, that is the topic of one of his latest tweets venting about the state of WWE in terms of Superstars using social media as a shortcut towards getting opportunities.

“How to get on WWE TV in 2019,” Graves started in a new tweet posted on Sunday morning. “1: Send a mean tweet to someone else on the roster.”

Graves continued, “2:…. Nope. That’s it. That’s how it works now I guess.”

Corey Graves’ Daughter Thinks Kevin Owens Is “Tiny”

“Catching up on Smackville, and my 5-year old says to me, ‘Daddy, I didn’t want that tiny guy to win,'” wrote Graves. “‘That tiny guy’ she was referring to? Kevin Owens.”

This particular tweet lead to Lance Storm, who used to portray a character that emphasized how little a sense of humor he seems to have, chiming in with a joke response.

“Was Kevin [Owens] facing Big Show,” question Storm in a reply posted on the aforementioned Graves tweet about Saturday night’s WWE Smackville live special on the WWE Network.

Speaking of Saturday night’s WWE Smackville special, if anyone missed the show, check out our complete WWE Smackville Results (7/27): Nashville, TN..

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