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Corey Graves Says Austin Theory Is The Future Of The WWE

WWE Monday Night RAW commentator Corey Graves, who competed for the WWE in the past, recently took to an episode of his “After The Bell” podcast to discuss a variety of topics such as how he believes WWE United States Champion Austin Theory is the future of WWE as well as how he is making the most out of every opportunity.

Corey Graves said:

“I’m going to let everybody in on a little secret. If you see your favourite superstar or any superstar on our television, that’s not a bad thing. This game is all about maximizing your minutes. If you’re on TV for 30 seconds, you make the most of that 30 seconds. If you’re on TV for three minutes, you better use every second of that to establish yourself or to further yourself, and that is exactly what Austin Theory has done each and every time he was given an opportunity.”

“People were upset with him, people didn’t like him, people didn’t take him seriously. Okay, change the mentality, you’re still featured, you’re still getting opportunities, and it’s what you do with those opportunities that really matter in WWE.”

“Austin Theory is a shining example and I’ve said it once. I might as well say it a million times and I’ll be screaming in the streets one of these days, Austin Theory is the future of WWE, period. It’s going to happen next week, probably not. Maybe by Wrestlemania, perhaps two Wrestlemanias from now, but trust me, the dude’s got the work ethic, the look, the passion and the skill and talent necessary to be a major league player for years to come. I am excited about the future of Austin Theory.”

You can check out Corey Graves’ full comments at this link. H/T to Inside The Ropes for transcribing the above quotes.

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