Corey Graves At It Again With WWE Fans On Twitter (7/7/2019)

Corey Graves Trashes Fan For Being Critical Of How He Interacts With Renee Young On RAW

Corey Graves continued his outspoken ways on social media this weekend.

Fresh off of his controversial appearance on WWE RAW last Monday night, where Graves used profanity live on the air during the WWE RAW broadcast on the USA Network by yelling out “Holy sh*t!” when the Braun Strowman / Bobby Lashley stage explosion segment happened.

While that was, in fact, part of the script, Graves went off-script on Twitter on Sunday when responding to a fan who was critical of his on-air chemistry with fellow WWE RAW announcer Renee Young.

“[Stephanie McMahon] as a female fan of [WWE], I would really appreciate if you could ask [Corey Graves] to talk to [Renee Young] like she’s a human being and not a doormat when on commentary,” a WWE fan wrote to Stephanie McMahon on Twitter, tagging Graves and Young in the process. “She deserves a better.”

Graves, never shy to go public with his unfiltered opinion, responded to the fan in typical Corey Graves fashion.

“As Corey Graves, I would REALLY appreciate if you’d just let my best friend [Renee Young], and I do our jobs and have fun,” wrote Graves in response to the WWE fan on Twitter. “Instead of trying to turn it into a f*cking social issue.” Social Media Interaction



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