Court Bauer Talks To The Orlando Sentinel

Court Bauer Says MLW Is Looking Into Running Full-Time Schedule Out Of Florida

Major League Wrestling (MLW) promoter Court Bauer recently spoke with Jay Reddick of The Orlando Sentinel and revealed that the promotion may soon be running a more frequent schedule in Florida.

“We were really happy with the first show at Gilt,” said Bauer in The Orlando Sentinel piece. “We see the chance to grow in Florida, and using Orlando as a base of operations makes sense.”

Bauer continued, “There’s a lot of our DNA in the Florida wrestling scene. We want guys who have a certain quality to them, and luckily this area has a lot of what we’re looking for.”

The former WWE writer / creative team member would go on to elaborate, explaining which specific markets in Florida the company is targeting.

“We did really well in Fort Lauderdale a million years ago,” said Bauer of the promotion running shows in Florida in the past. “We’ll look at Jacksonville — I remember a show there that didn’t do great in advance but had terrific walk-up, for some reason. We did one show in Tampa, and we might try to hit some smaller markets. But really — if we expand beyond Orlando — Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville are in the cross-hairs.”

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