Dakota Kai Recalls First Tryout With WWE, Says Triple H Gave Her Great Advice

NXT women’s division star Dakota Kai spoke to Wide World of Sport to talk all things pro-wrestling, including a piece of advice that Triple H once shared with her. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On being unsuccessful in her first WWE tryout but refusing to quit:

You can’t fake passion for something like that and when you have the passion, it isn’t hard to pursue a goal like that. I did my try out for the WWE in 2014. I wasn’t successful initially. They said, ‘We don’t don’t have anything for you now, but keep doing what you’re doing and stay in touch because we might have something for you in the future. There was a window there for a time where it wasn’t that I was unsuccessful and needed to stop, but I had been doing this for nine years, I [thought I] should probably venture into something else and take a little bit more of the focus off wrestling. But I never really stopped. I kept wrestling, which was a good thing. I’m lucky I didn’t stop.

Great advice that Triple H gave to her:

Especially coming from someone like him who’s been through a lot, it’s such a rollercoaster of a journey,” Kai admitted. “[He said] to appreciate the highs when they’re happening because who knows when it will happen again. There could be a moment in your career where it could be a little quiet, but that’s only the journey to whatever the next big opportunity is. That only makes moments so much better when they’re bookmarked or surrounded by moments that aren’t as high.

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