Daniel Bryan Appears On Inside The Ropes

Daniel Bryan Explains Why He Looks At His Feud With Big Cass Differently Than Most WWE Fans

As noted, Daniel Bryan recently appeared as a guest on the Inside The Ropes radio show to talk about his return to the ring after a three year hiatus.

During the interview, the former SmackDown Live General Manager also spoke about his current feud with Big Cass, which he looks at from a different perspective than most of the WWE Universe.

“I’m a big believer, and I know everybody wants to see the big matches, right,” said Bryan. “And I would have loved to come back and gone right into the big matches with — you know we did a match with me and AJ Styles on SmackDown but like, especially now with the brand split — ok, Samoa Joe, right, like Shinsuke Nakamura, like all these things. But, I also think you need to build to those, and I’m somebody who’s always, whether it’s been here, or Ring of Honor, or whatever, worked really hard at helping to bring new guys up.”

Bryan continued, explaining why he’s fine working with Cass despite the fact that fans are craving “dream matches” with him against a number of other Superstars available on the current WWE roster.

“Because the idea of old-timer who is like trying to keep his position and hold everybody down, I don’t think that works, and I don’t think that’s sustainable,” said Bryan. “I think we need to build everybody up, and if everybody seems like superstars, then the whole company is more fun to watch. So, I’ve actually enjoyed, I don’t enjoy getting booted in the face, but I enjoy the challenge of wrestling somebody who’s that big, and newer, and that sort of thing. I think it’s a good opportunity for him to show what he can do.”

Check out the complete Daniel Bryan interview at YouTube.com.

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