Daniel Bryan Hints That He Will Wrestle Again; Shane vs. Styles

  • On tonight’s “Talking Smack” which followed Smackdown, Daniel Bryan seemed to hint at an in-ring return in the future. In the segment with Miz, the two got into it again and when Miz said “you want to be a wrestler, but can’t because of your head”, Bryan responded by saying ” I can’t or they won’t let me? We’ll see in a year and a half and see what happens.”
  • Whether this was a storyline, a heated exchange or insight into Bryan’s plans, the fact remains that there is a lot of speculation that Bryan himself wants to wrestle again and that the only reason he isn’t is because WWE doctors won’t clear him. There are also reports that his contract with WWE expires next year and it’s possible he could jump to another promotion in order to resume his in-ring career.
  • Also on tonight’s “Talking Smack”, a livid AJ Styles confronted Shane McMahon backstage and had to be physically restrained by Michael Hayes and Bryan James. This pretty much confirms that WWE is certainly going ahead with the much rumored Styles/Shane match at WrestleMania 33.

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