Darby Allin

Darby Allin Talks About Being Willing To Do Whatever Necessary To Succeed In AEW

AEW superstar and current TNT champion Darby Allin was the latest guest on the Endless Hustle podcast to discuss his love for AEW, and how he’s proven time and time again that he’ll succeed there because he gets to explore his creativity. Hear his full thoughts below.

They know, if you give me the ball, I’m going to run with it. AEW was built on creative freedom and having your say in what we do. Out of the younger guys, I don’t think anybody has taken it as far as I have within the last year. To show people ‘this guy did this his way’ speaks volumes to the fans about the promotion. No one it going to let me do me the way AEW does. Who is going to let me skate with Tony Hawk and cut a promo? Who is going to let me jump off an 80-foot bridge and get hit with a car? People are seeing my body of work, unchanged, unfiltered. Me and Tony Khan, when we have talks, he knows through my eyes how much I’m hustling and how much I care. He’s like, ‘this guy is willing to do anything for this brand.’ You know when someone is badass, you don’t have to go up and be like, ‘You’re badass.’ You just know.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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