Davey Boy Smith Jr. Appears On X-Pac 12360 Podcast

Davey Boy Smith Jr. On Owen Hart Not Being In WWE Hall Of Fame

During a recent appearance on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 Podcast, Davey Boy Smith Jr. spent some time to talk about Owen Hart not being in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

“I wish Owen could get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen,” said Smith Jr. “The only way I could see it happening… is like Martha [Hart], her deal is that she doesn’t want WWE to make a profit off of it.”

Smith Jr. continued, “I can’t speak for Martha, but if WWE were to say, ‘okay we’re gonna induct Owen Hart into the Hall of Fame and earnings or whatever profits we make will be donated to the Owen Hart Foundation,’ I think she might be more willing to do something like that. But even then I don’t think she’s gonna let that happen. I understand where she’s coming from, she was Owen’s wife, that’s fair, I can’t really argue that. I do think it would be great for him to be inducted.”

Check out the complete episode of the X-Pac 12360 Podcast featuring the Davey Boy Smith Jr. interview at Afterbuzztv.com.

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