Davey Richards interview highlights

Davey Richards Talks About The Wolves Breaking Up, Being Impact World Champion & More

Pro wrestling veteran Davey Richards recently spoke with Real Sport 101 for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On if he has regrets about his tag-team with Eddie Edwards, The Wolves, breaking up: “No, not at all. It was definitely time for both of us to venture into single waters and see what happened. Eddie’s been very successful and since I’ve returned, I’ve been very successful on our own. You never know what will happen in future but we’re both enjoying what we’re doing now and it’s something that we created and that the fans helped us create, and will never truly die as long as the fans believe in it and we believe in it.”

On becoming the Impact Wrestling World Champion: “I don’t know man, you’d think soon, right? But we’ll see what happens. We’ve got some tough competition in Impact! I’ve won the world title in every promotion I’ve ever been in but I’ve also never face the level of competition that I do here. It’s something that is going to take time. I took Lashley to the limit, I’d love to take [Alberto] El Patron to the limit and possibly beat him or submit him. I want another crack at Lashley and after I do away with the former World Champion Eddie Edwards, I want to face them all, I want to take them all out. For me, being champion is great but it pales in comparison to being known and respected as the best wrestler on the roster, and I think once you’re the best the championship comes along with that, so my time will come.”

On whether or not 2017 will be his last year in pro wrestling: “I’ve said it a couple of times, and I’ve realized that I don’t have that much longer left. I don’t know how long, because sometimes I wake up and just love wrestling and want to be part of it forever. Sometimes I wake up and I just hate it, because it’s such an intimate passion for me, it’s like a marriage. I know that I’m getting further along in my school and in my career outside of wrestling, to where I won’t be able to wrestle as much anymore, and soon I won’t be able to wrestle at all because of time constraints, and on top of that being a father. I feel good, I feel healthy, and as long as I can keep producing the quality of matches that I hold myself to, which is a very high standard, and as long as I’m having fun and the fans want to see me, I’ll keep it up, but I don’t see myself wrestling for another five years by any means. Plus, I don’t want to be that guy who, when people come to see me, people talk and sit in the crowd and go, “well, you know he used to be really good”, I want to go out on top, I think the fans deserve that. So we’ll see what happens, maybe not the end of this year, but I might have a couple left. We’ll see what happens.”

Check out the complete Davey Richards interview at RealSport101.com.

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