Davey Richards Talks Favorite ROH Matches, Return To Wrestling

In his recent interview with Wrestlezone, former Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards discussed his return to professional wrestling.

During the conversation, Richards shared a few memories from his time in Ring of Honor, and revealed his inspiration to step inside the ring again. Check out his comments below.

On matches he remembers the most from his time in ROH:

“Definitely my 30-minute Iron Man match with Tyler Black [Seth Rollins], that was a big one for me. Me and Eddie [Edwards] had so many good tag matches there, even with other promotions that ran there, like New Japan USA where I wrestled [Hiroshi] Tanahashi. There’s been a lot of cool experiences there. A lot of them with Ring Of Honor, of course, but a lot of other promotions too.”

On the show that inspired his return to pro-wrestling:

“I never—the rumor was going around that I retired, but I never retired from anything, I just had to go do something else for a little bit. And I was so inundated with what I was doing as far as school that I hadn’t really thought about wrestling in a couple years, but this last year it was just really, really creeping up on me. I was watching my favorite show, Cobra Kai, and the scene where Johnny [Lawrence, Billy Zabka’s character] is watching Iron Eagle, which I’ve seen that movie a million times and never picked up on it—[the line] ‘God doesn’t give people things that He doesn’t want people to use.’ That right there, I just told my wife, I was like, ‘I’ve got to go back.’ And she’s been so supportive, wrestling’s always been a very big part of my life since I was 10, so it feels like coming home.”

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