Dax Harwood Says One Person Thought The Pinnacle Was Just Designed For Him

Top AEW Star Dax Harwood took to an episode of his “FTR” podcast and talked about a variety of topics such as how MJF should have been in a match with The Pinnacle against Brian Pillman Jr. and Pillman’s partners, so that it would give them more star power and make them look more credible and more like a unit, but MJF didn’t see it that way and they ended up having a 6-Man Tag Team Match instead.

Dax Harwood said:

“I thought that Wardlow should be out there with us [for a six-man tag vs Pillman Jr and partners] , which I think he was. And I thought and felt that Max should have been in the match with us as well, to show us a group. To show us as a unit. There were a ton of times Flair was in six-mans or eight-mans with the Horsemen. I thought that Max should be out there with us, but he thought otherwise and didn’t think he should. I thought, up until that point as well between us, Spears, Max, out of those names at the time, only one person was seeing a ton of TV time, and that was Max. So I thought if you put me and Cash with Spears in a match, it really was just three guys who hadn’t been on TV very much. But if we added Max, it would give us a little more star power, make us look a little more credible, and make us look more like a unit. He didn’t see things that way, so we had the six-man.”

Dax Harwood also talked about how MJF thought he was bigger than The Pinnacle and how the faction was just designed for him.

Dax Harwood said:

“Because, I think, that one person in the group probably thought that he was bigger than the group, and probably felt that this was just designed for him. Maybe he wasn’t the only person that thought that, too.”

Dax Harwood then talked about how he felt if everyone in The Pinnacle worked together then they could have all gotten over and not just MJF even though MJF was obviously going to win the AEW World Title, but it didn’t pan out that way.

Dax Harwood said:

“I don’t think at first we thought that. I think at first, someone, maybe a couple of other people outside of group, too, felt that this was a vehicle for *just* him and them. We felt — and I say [we] being Cash, Spears, and Wardlow — we felt that if we all worked together, we could all get over. We could all get each other over. Obviously Max was gonna be the main event guy winning the world belt. We knew that. But we felt that everybody could benefit from this group, and in turn, benefit who we individually work with; and in turn, benefit AEW’s business. Just didn’t pan out that way.”

You can check out Dax Harwood’s comments at this link. H/T to 411Mania.com for transcribing the above quotes.

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