DDP Shares His Thoughts On Other Inductees In 2017 Class Of WWE Hall Of Fame

New WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page spoke with our friend Raj Giri at WrestlingInc.com to promote his induction on Friday night.

During the discussion, DDP spoke with Giri about some of the other legends being inducted during this year’s ceremony in Orlando, Florida, most notably, “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

“Pretty good. I loved him,” Page said. “Rick was totally his own animal. He was totally his own animal. I really liked him a lot. We spent time on the road together. After Jake [Roberts] left [WCW], he was really intimidated when Jake came in because Jake is Jake. They had some great magic together, and Rick had grown so much since then. I mean, Rick is Rick. He can do anything at that point, but we got to spend time on the road together and really had some fun times. He was a lot of fun to be around.”

DDP continued,”I didn’t know that he was in. I was talking on some show, and I said that I had heard a rumor that Rick Rude might be inducted, I would love it if it would happen, and people said that they heard that he was from a news site, so I was really happy. What a class. From [Kurt] Angle, and people who don’t really know Teddy Long’s history, Teddy is a trailblazer. Teddy needs to be in the Hall of Fame man. I am so happy for him. Here’s a guy when they started where there wasn’t a lot of black guys, and he started as one of the crew guys setting up the ring. Teddy has done everything and it’s funny because there is one thing that me and him, I can’t remember who I was wrestling, P.N News, I can’t remember who my guy was, but we had a match, a tag team match and me and him as Managers were wrestling. I just loved him, I love him and was so happy for him. I’m also super happy for the Rock N Roll Express because a lot of people who are fans don’t know how over they were. Oh my God, they weren’t just over, they were the f–king Beatles. When they were over, they were over. Ricky Morton… man, he’s going to freaking kill it. When he gets up there to talk, I can’t imagine him not killing it.

Check out the complete Diamond Dallas Page interview at WrestlingInc.com.

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