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DDP Talks About Rob Gronkowski Possibly Joining WWE, Ronda Rousey, Goldberg

WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with the folks at UPI for an interview. During the discussion, DDP spoke about NFL New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski possibly joining WWE and more. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Ronda Rousey in WWE: “Again, wrestling is all about believability. Believing in the character. That’s why I think she’ll be successful. Do I think it’s going to take some time? You know I do. If you go back to her run in the UFC, it was almost Tyson-esque. It’s the same thing that Mike did coming in and boxing. She did it with tapouts.

“She comes with a rep and it’s a good one. Look what women’s sports are doing today. We’d probably never see any of these amazing fighters in the UFC. WWE, the girls there are serious. She has some great talent there and they aren’t there to hurt her.”

On Bill Goldberg being an example of an athlete from another sport who succeeded in pro wrestling: “Like when Goldberg came out. He played seven years in the NFL, but he didn’t really hit the status because of injuries. He had put the work in on the gridiron for many years and coming in he had the athletic prowess. He wasn’t at the end of it like a lot of guys when they try to come in. And then they realize, wow this [expletives] real out there. You can’t fake gravity bro. If they haven’t beaten themselves up too much they can get a pretty decent run.”

On NFL New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski possibly joining WWE: “Someone asked me about Gronkowski the other day….I’m like, if Gronk wanted to, he could be amazing. He’s a bigger than life character. He loves what we do. You gotta love it, you just can’t come in and go, you know I think I’m going to wrestle now and be successful. Fans will see through it and [expletive] on it. But the people that WWE normally go to, rather it be Ronda or I don’t know if they are talking to Gronkowski or not, I don’t know. But if they are, these are people who love it. Ronda showed up at Mania a couple years back and the rumor mill started then. Football is awesome, you are wearing a helmet though. You can hear the fans, but you can really hear the fans when you are in the ring, because they are like the third person in the match. It’s all about how they react and if they buy you or not. Usually if you watch, and you throw somebody down somebody’s throat, push them down the fans’ throat, sometimes the fans will [expletive] on it, like Rocky. The Rock is the biggest star in the world now.”

Check out the complete Diamond Dallas Page interview at UPI.com.

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