Dean Ambrose Appears After 205 Live, Trailer For John Morrison’s New Movie w/ Rampage Jackson

– After 205 Live went off the air on the WWE Network, the live audience in Pittsburgh, PA got to see a dark match main event. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose came out to surprise the crowd and successfully defend his title against Baron Corbin. Ambrose didn’t appear on SmackDown this week in order to sell Corbin’s forklift attack last week.

– Former WWE star John Morrison, real name John Hannigan, stars in a new action comedy film along side Quinton “Rampage” Jackson coming soon to VOD and Walmart. Boone: The Bounty Hunter features Hennigan as the main character Boone, a fame-seeking reality show bounty hunter who gets in over his head. Below is the trailer for the movie, which was directed by Robert Kirbyson and produced by Hoplite Entertainment and Killon Street.

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