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Del Rio Press Conference: Reason For WWE Departure, Ring Name; Paige Attends

Alberto Del Rio held a press conference at a Hooters establishment in Mexico on Friday to elaborate on his departure from WWE, which as noted, was officially confirmed by both parties on Friday morning.

Del Rio cited an increasing loss of passion and the feeling of having nothing left to prove as the reasons why he wanted to part ways with WWE. He mentioned that he will continue to wrestle, although he intends to retire in two years and run a MMA promotion.

As far as legalities are concerned, he does not have a 90-day no compete clause with WWE this time, as he announced that he can begin working for other promotions in the U.S. next month, and that he is able to wrestle at shows held in Mexico immediately.

Del Rio also revealed that he will once again be using the name “Alberto El Patron,” due to the fact that WWE owns the rights to the “Del Rio” name. The name “El Patron” translates to “The Boss.”

He announced that he will not be working exclusively with any one promotion, noting that he is in talks with Mexican wrestling promotions CMLL, AAA and Elite, and wants to work at an event in Arena Mexico at some point in the next two years, where he plans to work 60 dates each year.

Del Rio’s girlfriend, Paige, who is rumored to be parting ways with WWE as well, was at the press conference on Friday, but was not seated at the table with Del Rio, nor was she talking to any of the media in attendance.

You can check out video footage of today’s press conference with Alberto Del Rio at

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