Despite Rumors, Riddle Was Not Scheduled to Win Royal Rumble; More Notes

Yesterday, a report was released by noting that with all the changes in the men’s Royal Rumble that took place in the days leading up to the match, Riddle was actually planned to win the match before WWE shifted course and went with Brock Lesnar. That seemed surprising and now a new report from disputes that assertion noting that one source commented that Riddle was never booked to win the match and that Brock Lesnar was the planned winner dating back at least two weeks.

While there was one other person whose name was pitched as a possible men’s winner (it is not known who that is, but Randy Orton’s name has been mentioned), Riddle was not that person and in fact, people close to Riddle have stated off the record that he was never even told that he’d ever be winning.

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