Details On Benoit Biopic: Producers Pitch Kevin Sullivan Storyline, More

New details are coming out about the upcoming Crossface biopic on Chris Benoit and the murder-suicide in 2007. One writer has already quit the project over a storyline proposed by the producers.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s revealed that producers WME suggested that the film have scenes based on a conspiracy theory that WCW booker Kevin Sullivan was involved in the murders. One idea was to have a scene where Sullivan breaks into Benoit’s house, and the original screenwriter Richard O’Sullivan quit the project because he refused to write in speculation that Sullivan was the killer.

WME also suggested that they have Benoit’s close friend Johnny Grunge be the one who discovered Eddie Guerrero’s body, when it was actually Chavo Guerrero. It doesn’t seem like this idea is making it into the film, and sources say the final product will be closer to the real version of events.


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