Details on Hardys Almost Not Wrestling at “House of Hardcore” Event

— As noted here, it was touch and go with the Hardy Boyz appearing at Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore” event last night.

— According to a report at, Dreamer’ promotion almost went without a main event last night due to the last minute scrambling.

— WWE initially put a stop to all the Hardys indie dates after they signed their contracts – something they pretty much always do. However, the Hardys were adamant in fulfilling Dreamer’s dates and WWE gave them clearance to do that, provided they not wrestle.

— Dreamer then reached out to ROH and requested that the Young Bucks appear as a replacement for the Hardys and CEO Joe Koff approved that in order to not screw the fans out of a legit main event. The plan was then to have the Hardys simply appear, and then run a quick angle where the Bucks would replace them in the scheduled match against Dreamer and Bully Ray.

— Dreamer then reportedly got a call on Saturday morning with the news that one of the Bucks was ill and would not be able to make it out to the event. People close to Dreamer indicated that he was extremely upset as his “No BS” promotion was about to fall short on their promise of a main event.

— Dreamer then contacted WWE officials via email and explained to them the situation he was in. The situation was escalated all the way to Triple H and Vince McMahon, who ultimately made the call to let the Hardys compete in a relatively safe match to lower the chances of an injury.

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