Details on NXT Stars Signing Restructured Contracts & Some Declining WWE’s Offers

Over the past several weeks and lasting until the end of the year, multiple NXT contracts are running out and it seems there is a reason for this after all. As per a report, many NXT talent were offered new contracts in the fall of 2019 right before NXT shifted their programming from the WWE Network to the USA Network as this was also around the time that WWE was trying to re-sign wrestlers across all their brands. Dozens of wrestlers were reportedly re-signed or had their existing contracts restructured as this was around the time that WWE signed deals for Smackdown, Raw and NXT.

As it turns out, multiple NXT wrestlers ended up passing on WWE’s offer to re-sign and according to a source, it was because they really had little incentive to do so as the rates that the company was offering, which was significantly lower than what main roster talents were being given. While the payout structures for NXT wrestlers depended on the wrestler, both top stars within the brand and those who weren’t even on TV comprised the list that passed on new contracts.

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