Johnny Gargano Talks To Sporting News

Details on Johnny Gargano’s Surprise WWE Return Last Night on Monday Night Raw

— Johnny Gargano made his return to WWE last night on Monday Night Raw in surprise fashion. reports that Gargano’s name did not appear on any production rundowns before the show as everyone involved wanted to keep his return a secret. Many of the talent weren’t even aware he was back and much of the production team was also kept in the dark. The only time people realized he was back and appearing on the show is a few minutes before his appearance when he walked through the backstage area.

— The report adds that WWE kept continued interest in re-signing Gargano throughout his time as a free agent and the company was “patient” and “respected” his wishes to take some time off. When Triple H came into power in WWE as talent and creative head, it obviously significantly increased the chances that Gargano would be back with WWE. While there appeared to be some initial interest from AEW, negotiations never got much past the preliminary stage and many in AEW were under the assumtion that he wouldn’t be joining them even though there was an internal push to sign him. IMPACT Wrestling was never a serious consideration for Gargano.

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