Details on MJF’s Incident With Ringside Fan at Last Night’s AEW Revolution; Comments From Tony Khan

— During his Iron Match against Bryan Danielson at last night’s AEW Revolution PPV, MJF grabbed a cup from a woman sitting in the front row and splashed whatever was in it on her son who was sitting next to her. While a lot of people assumed the boy and his mother were planted there by AEW, it turns out that they were in fact paying fans who had no idea that was going to happen.

— To make matters worse, on the latest Wrestling Observer Live, it was stated that the beverage in the cup was not water as MJF probably believed but rather tequila and some of it got into the boy’s eyes, which of course did not make him happy. It was at this point, that Amanda Huber and others came out to remedy the situation and they invited the boy and his mother backstage where he was given signed merchandise and tickets to AEW Dynamite in Sacramento this week.

— AEW CEO Tony Khan commented on the situation, suggesting that MJF “didn’t act like a champion” and that he proceeded to have a serious conversation with him about it as it was something not to be taken lightly. MJF’s only statement on the matter was a comment saying that he thought “the kid looked thirsty.”

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