HHH and Vince

Details on Triple H’s New Vision For WWE & NXT; How It Differs From Vince McMahon’s Ideas

– With Paul Levesque now firmly in control of talent and creative, the belief is that NXT will “revert somewhat” to his previous vision, according to the <i>Wrestling Observer Newsletter</i>. While the brand will continue to heavily recruit top tier athletes – something that Levesque has previously been involved in over the past year anyway, he would be likely to use more experienced wrestling talent as well. This would open up opportunities for wrestlers who previously would not have been considered due to their look and size not matching up to Vince McMahon’s criteria of what he wanted on the roster.

– Levesque is also said to be an advocate of women’s wrestling, much more than McMahon was and it was evident in the old NXT where female talent were taught to wrestle, got over and then were elevated to the main roster. When Levesque lost power and NXT went in a different direction, the ideas passed from the top were that NXT needed to instead focus on women who look good and then putting them in revealing attire, something which ultimately did not move the needle much for the brand’s popularity.

– Finally, another change that many feel will happen with McMahon out and Triple H in is more long-term booking. Storylines that played out over weeks or months were very difficult to implement under Vince due to him constantly changing his mind and ripping up scripts. Vince was also said to have a “quick trigger” with younger talent, showing little patience and expecting them to get over immediately. When they wouldn’t get over, Vince would lose interest in them and abandon whatever ideas he had.

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