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Details On Possible Cross-Over Rivalries That Could Be Included In AEW & IMPACT Wrestling Working Relationship

ECW legend and current IMPACT star Tommy Dreamer spoke about the promotion’s alliance with AEW on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio. Hear what Dreamer had to say below.

Says he got a lot of calls after the angle was introduced:

“Not knowing or having a lot of information because when everything that went down the way it did on Wednesday night, besides my phone blowing up, was above my paygrade. I was not in the know of a lot of this stuff and I let it unfold. For our listeners, that is not uncommon in professional wrestling.”

How the crossover has already benefited IMPACT:

“I think that was already accomplished because my phone blew up from people from AEW and from people within Impact. I’m not just talking about wrestlers. I’m talking about people within AEW behind the scenes and AEW production people. If you think about it, you got everybody talking. Then we started hearing people talk about potential dream matches. What happened right after that event happened? HHH said, ‘Oh, we are always welcome to working with others’ which never has been the case as far as working with an outside company. So right there, it rang the bell of the industry.”

How he wants a dream triple-threat match between Sting, Chris Jericho, and himself:

“What I thought of was we can actually have the heart and soul of WCW, Sting, the heart and soul of ECW, Tommy Dreamer, and the first-ever undisputed champion, Chris Jericho and have a three way match.”

Full interview can be found here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)

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