Goldberg & Dolph Ziggler Public Pull-Apart (VIDEO)

Dolph Ziggler & Goldberg Pull-Apart At Restaurant (Videos), Matt Riddle Taunts Goldberg

WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg recently released a video in his Instagram showing that he and SummerSlam opponent Dolph Ziggler nearly came to blows during a confrontation at a Las Vegas restaurant. Goldber writes, “what happens in Vegas obviously doesn’t stay in Vegas! My usual stop at @andiamolv to see @richardwilk and @bellatormma @roynelsonmma came with an unexpected surprise. Looks like @heelziggler and I still don’t see eye to eye! Fortunately for him I wasn’t still hungry! AND @ufc ‘s@erykanders was there to help him get away!!!”

NXT star Matt Riddle, who has a well documented history of how he feels about Goldberg, took to Twitter to question why the former Universal Champion didn’t try and pick a fight with him during their run-in on SummerSlam weekend. Riddle jokes, “Why didn’t you try this with me..I would have had an even better story for watch along.” Check it out below. Social Media Interaction



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