Dolph Ziggler Media Call Highlights

Dolph Ziggler Recalls MITB Cash-In, Says It’s Not His Best WWE Moment

As noted, Dolph Ziggler recently took part a media call ahead of Monday night’s RAW show. Featured below are some additional highlights where Ziggler spoke about his infamous Money In The Bank cash-in and winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

On if it’s safe to say his favorite WWE moment is his Money In The Bank cash-in and winning the World Heavyweight Championship on RAW: “No, it’s not [my favorite] safe to say that. It’s a cool moment, and the reason it happened was because of the fans, and how we all worked to make it come together. It was a pretty awesome thing, I will never forget it. But a lot of moments that have been bigger for me are being hurt, and having a pulled groin or separated shoulder, and still going out and doing 30 or 45 minute matches, and setting the bar for everyone else even when I’m not a 100 percent.”

On moments where he has freedom at live events in WWE standing out in his memory and the reaction and post-plans for his World Title win: “So those matches, and I openly talked about it. Live events, when I have the free rein to do whatever the hell I want, and I take advantage of it. Those are the moments that I think about the most, and they will be great in my book. But of course, on paper, the world title match… it was awesome man. The reactions were there, the story was built for years, someone who hadn’t gotten his due, and finally because of the fans and hard work, it all came together that night. Sadly there was no other plan after that. So, what are you going to do?”

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