Dominik "PRINCE" Mysterio Coming Soon To WWE?

Dominik Mysterio’s WWE Run To Reportedly Evolve Into Masked “Prince Mysterio” Character

An ESPN article recently focused on the in-ring debut of Dominik Mysterio this weekend as he gets ready to step into the ring with Seth Rollins. An interesting piece from the lengthy feature was that the Mysterios have plans to have Dominik don a mask in the future once he receives more training and then ultimately to go by the name “Prince Mysterio.” Apparently, he already has the gear and mask designed. Here’s an excerpt:

While Dominik will wrestle under his real name at SummerSlam, Rey and Dominik have discussed Dominik performing under the name “Prince Mysterio” in the future after he receives more training. Dominik already has the Prince Mysterio gear and mask designed, but wanted to hold off on debuting it at SummerSlam. The name is fitting since Rey, Spanish for King, would love nothing more than to pass down the Mysterio legacy to his son.

“We actually talked about it. He definitely has to continue with the Mysterio dynasty. It’s in his genes,” said Mysterio, whose mask and surname was passed down by his uncle. “I think we’re going to incorporate that eventually and create a good story so the fans can understand the rich history behind lucha libre and the masks.”

“I’ve always wanted to wear a mask mainly because of tradition. It’s important to keep that tradition going,” said Dominik, who will wear wrestling gear for the first time on Sunday. “Now with my face being out there, I think it would just have to be introduced a little bit differently so people understand. I definitely want to wear one, but it has to be introduced properly.”

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