NXT Superstar Discusses Opportunities In WWE

Drake Maverick Discusses NXT Opportunities And Similarities To Rocky Balboa

During a recent interview with BT Sport, WWE superstar Drake Maverick recently discussed all things pro-wrestling. Highlights are below.

Maverick on how his story compares to Rocky Balboa:

I’ve never been in a situation where, no matter how good the match was, all they cared about was me winning. It was honestly like watching the Rocky movie. It didn’t matter what happened, as long as Rocky won. They just stuck with it the whole way and hoped to see Rocky win. That was what registered the most with me. All they cared about was a guy winning. That’s the beauty of pro wrestling at the same time. To be that guy, I’m just blessed.

Maverick on making the most of his opportunity after being released:

This is what I have. I’m going to make it work. I’m going to give my absolute everything in the ring because the WWE Universe hasn’t seen what I can do in the ring,” he said. “A lot of people have before I got here, but now it’s time to show them absolutely everything. Because if I don’t give it everything, I don’t know where I’m going to be at the end of this.

Possibly working NXT UK:

It’s been very difficult to be able to go see my family. They’re not getting any younger. I’m hoping there are situations where I can go overseas to England, back home to see my family as well as being in front of those British crowds again for NXT UK. I miss them. We all miss the WWE Universe, but I miss those British crowds.

Full video below. (H/T and transcribed by Pro Wrestling Sheet)

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