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Drew McIntyre On The Evolution Of NXT, Triple H’s Vision For The Brand

After resurfacing in the WWE Universe following his cameo appearance at NXT TakeOver: Orlando during WrestleMania 33 weekend, Drew McIntyre sat down with WWE.com to discuss his return to NXT.

McIntyre was asked by the official WWE website for his thoughts on the evolution of WWE’s developmental system, as he is one of the talents who was part of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) when it transitioned into the developmental brand known today as NXT.

“I came from [NXT predecessor] Florida Championship Wrestling, so I witnessed the humble beginnings of NXT and watched it grow into the monster it is today,” said McIntyre. “I wrestled Seth Rollins in that first NXT Title Tournament, like you said. I remember that as a fun match. He’s a guy I’d definitely want to lock horns with again.”

McIntyre, who achieved World Championship success in TNA Wrestling during his hiatus from the WWE scene, continued, speaking more to the modern NXT product and how fortunate he feels to once again be a part of it.

“Since then, seeing Triple H’s vision come to fruition, going from where [NXT] was then to where it is now, has been incredible,” said McIntyre. “It’s a brand I very much wanted to be a part of. I was lucky enough that my work and my fan base had earned me the opportunity to sign pretty much anywhere in the world I desired, but I only had eyes for one place, NXT.”

McIntyre continued, “The fact that Hunter contacted me to be part of his passion project means the world to me. It’s an honor to become part of something that means so much to him, and I guarantee I am going to give you absolutely everything, and then some more, to do what I’ve done for every other company in the world: That’s to build it to the next level.”

Check out the complete Drew McIntyre interview at WWE.com.

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