Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre Has Yet To Sign New WWE Contract As Free Agency Approaches

Drew McIntyre’s victory over Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania XL was short-lived as he promptly lost the World Heavyweight Title due to a successful Money in the Bank cash-in by Damian Priest. While McIntyre’s initial win sparked speculation about a new contract with WWE, a report from fightfulselect.com indicates otherwise.

According to sources close to McIntyre, he has not signed a new deal with WWE but has expressed his desire to stay with the company. His current contract, initially set to expire before WrestleMania, has been extended (possibly due to injury or inactivity) and is now expected to expire in a few months. Under the new regime since the Endeavor buyout, negotiations with talent are often delayed until later in the process, so McIntyre’s situation is not unusual.

Despite the contractual uncertainty, WWE remains committed to retaining McIntyre and plans to feature him prominently in upcoming storylines. McIntyre is slated for a feud with the currently injured CM Punk, and he is also prominently featured in promotional material for Clash at the Castle, which is scheduled to take place in his home country of Scotland.

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