The Dudley Boyz Talks To CBS Sports

The Dudley Boyz On Making It To WWE, Their Legacy, How Important Their 3D Finisher Was

As noted, WWE announced that The Dudley Boyz will be inductees in the 2018 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame. Following the announcement, CBS Sports released the following interview with the decorated tag-team legends.

Bubba Ray Dudley on The Dudley Boyz’ legacy: “The legacy of the Dudley Boyz is really the last of the Mohicans. We are the last, legitimate, great tag team that you most likely will ever see; the most old school tag team that there is. I don’t think you will ever see a tag team go on to accomplish what we have accomplished, whether that’s in the WWE or any place else. We really are the last of many, many generations of great tag teams.”

D-Von Dudley on The Dudley Boyz making it to WWE: “Bubba and I clicked on so many levels when we got together and knew that we could hang with the big boys if we got the opportunity to go to WWE. When we did, we just went from there and were on fire. We just knew that if the WWE would let us be us, we would be extremely good and be able to accomplish exactly what we wanted to do — and that’s be the best tag team in the history of the business.”

Bubba Ray Dudley on their 3D finisher helping to get them over: “The very first thing we knew was that it had to be different and new and unique, and it had to be out of nowhere. I’m proud to say it’s probably up there among the greatest finishes of all-time, and that’s what gave us a uniqueness that set us apart from the rest.”

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