Dutch Mantel

Dutch Mantell Believes The Undertaker’s Entrance Was Better Than His Matches

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell spoke with Sportskeeda on a number of topics such as how WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker’s entrance, once the gong is hit, was better than his matches.

Dutch Mantell said:

“Well, The Undertaker was pretty dark. But, at the same time, people loved it. They hit the gong… And that’s when the entrance was better than the match. You know, just playing, hitting the gong, and letting him go to the ring.”

Dutch Mantell also spoke about how WWE Hall of Famer Kane was a scary character and how he would turn back and go the other way if he saw Kane down the street.

Dutch Mantell said:

“Kane was one. He was kind of scary. Kevin Sullivan, because he talked all that dark stuff. Here’s a guy who didn’t talk dark stuff; he just looked mean. I mean, if you saw him coming at you down the street, you turn and go the other way. He was Ox Baker.”

You can check out Dutch Mantell’s full comments at this link. H/T to Sportskeeda for transcribing the above quotes.

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