Dutch Mantell On New Jack: “He Was Always Cordial To Me”

Hardcore wrestling legend New Jack passed away yesterday, after suffering a heart attack.

Hours after his passing, long time wrestling manager Dutch Mantell paid tribute to New Jack, during the latest edition of SmackTalk. Mantell explained that although he didn’t know New Jack very well, the former ECW star kept it “cordial” with him. Dutch told listeners:

“He was always cordial to me,” said Mantell. “I never stepped in the ring with him. He scared me to death. He wanted to push me off the apron and I don’t need to fall off the scaffolding to hurt myself, I just fall off three feet from the edge of the ring and, ‘oh god, I broke my leg’ or whatever. But no, I didn’t know him that well but he was very nice to me when I met him. I would see him at conventions and different places and he was always very cordial to me.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)

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