EC3 On Fans Returning To ROH, Upcoming Match Against Flip Gordon

Earlier this week, Ring of Honor star EC3 stopped by for a chat with 411 Wrestling Interviews, where he spoke about his upcoming singles match against Flip Gordon. Check out his comments below.

On ROH fans returning at Best in the World:

“It feels fantastic. It feels fantastic to be able perform, to execute, to feel the adrenaline and feel the rush and energy of a live audience. I’ve been waiting and waiting for July 11. Ring of Honor has been putting out such a consistently good product that the only thing that was missing was fan reaction, feeling it, knowing it, deriving from it, so it’s very exciting. July 11, we’re back in front of the fans. It feels good. I don’t know if I’ll be personally ushering them in. I’ll be busy, but they will be ushered in, and they will be paying to see me of course too, so that’s a good thing.”

On his opponent this weekend:

“Flip Gordon has undergone an evolution unto himself. I used him for nefarious means in my buildup to my match, my excellent match, at Ring of Honor 19th Anniversary with Jay Briscoe, where I did find out that honor is real. It was means to an end. I didn’t really know him, nor do I care for him. I have followed his career. He’s controlling his narrative in a sense. I respect the fact he’s disregarding the flash, and he’s, you know, doing things for himself. Cheating to win is one thing, and then in Ring of Honor, it’s not necessarily the way to do things. So, I’m very curious about this match. I’m very curious what would’ve built up to this match if I wasn’t stricken with a nearly deadly infection in the buildup to the match, but there is no hatred, there is no animosity with Flip Gordon. Nor is there any like or any love. Flip Gordon is a man coming into his own. [He] will be there somebody, but it will not be at the expense of myself. I feel with Flip Gordon, he has a lot to learn. Being involved with me, he’s going to learn it all.”

EC3 will take on Flip Gordon this Sunday, at ROH Best In The World.

(Via 411Mania)

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