EC3 Releases Details About His New Fitness App

ROH superstar and former IMPACT world champion EC3 issued the following press release regarding the launch of his “#ProjectiveNarrative by ec3” fitness app, that was launched earlier today. Check out the full details, including what the exercise plan involves, below.

#ProjectNarrative by ec3” allows me to create you customized 7 Day Nutrition plans and workouts/training geared towards your goals and your dreams.

Male, Female, all genders.

Beginner, intermediate, all experience levels.

Bulking, cutting, all matters of weight loss/gain.

Dietary restrictions, injuries, all things considered.

#ProjectNarrative is originally created for YOU!

Custom made by myself, for you, the individual that seeks to #ControlYourNarrative

I will be there for you as we together embark on your journey to becoming your best self.

Regardless of your experience level and schedule of your busy life, each program is geared to your needs and capabilities.

•We will challenge each other to break bad habits that #control us

•Find the #freedom to be the physical representation of who we want to be

•And, together, have #purpose in living our best lives.

Our truths.

By signing up for #ProjectNarrative you will have 24/7 email access to myself and the #CYN team, along with DM access via IG to me strictly for motivational purposes.

I want you to succeed.

I need you to succeed.

It is my one true happiness in life is seeing people break the shackles of what holds them back, and bettering themselves through both the physical and mental.

I worked very hard to create this app, and I’m very proud. #ProjectNarrative has many features that can genuinely make this lifestyle not only easy, but fun.

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