EC3 Reportedly to Sign with WWE Soon; Rumors of Appearance at Royal Rumble

— It appears imminent that Michael Hutter – known as EC3 – will be going to WWE in the very near future. Hutter owns full rights to the EC3 name and with Impact also making it clear they will allow wrestlers to use their characters/gimmicks anywhere, he would be free to use it in WWE. Whether WWE wants to use it is a different question altogether as the company often seems averse to using characters created elsewhere.

— If WWE wants Hutter to compete at the Royal Rumble, he would be free to do so as he is not under contract with Impact anymore. To make matters more interesting, according to a report at PW Insider, Hutter was spotted at the WWE Performance Center earlier this week.

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— With this expecting signing in the near future and there is also speculation that an appearance could happen as early as next Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

— To add fuel to the fire, Renegade Wrestling Revolution – based out of Houston, TX – announced earlier today that EC3 would not be able to wrestle at their next event on January 1, 28. That is the date that WWE holds Royal Rumble in Philadelphia.

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