EC3 Talks To ESPN

EC3 Talks About Returning To WWE After Nearly 5 Years, Being The Best & More

After signing with WWE and making his NXT debut at last night’s NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia special, former Impact Wrestling star Ethan Carter III (EC3) spoke with the folks at ESPN for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On returning to WWE after being away for nearly five years: “The moment was vindication. The moment was resolution. I feel redeemed.

“It’s only been 1,714 days since the last time I stepped foot in the WWE — but who’s counting. With each day that has passed, I’ve had one goal in mind — and that was to be here, in this moment at this time for one purpose. Never once, without a shadow of a doubt, did I ever not believe in myself — believe that I would come back. I came back with vigor and determination. I came back on a mission.”

On being the best at what he does: “For years outside of the WWE, I’ve been saying one thing — that I’m the best here, I’m the best there, I’m the best anywhere. While I was the best ‘here’ elsewhere, the ‘there’ I referenced was here [in the WWE] — and that carries over. I’m the best here, I’m the best there, I’m the best anywhere. Competition? Bring it on. Competition? Come get a taste. Competition? I’m here.”

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