EC3’s Free The Narrative Results (7/3)

Earlier tonight, EC3’s ‘Free The Narrative’ event aired on Fite TV, live from an undisclosed location.

Check out a description of the event, as well as the results below:

A unique professional wrestling and cinematic experience based on EC3’s “Control Your Narrative” movement, “FTN” features a gritty, realistic, physical blend of wrestling with in-depth character development and storytelling.
Step inside “The Narrative” as Matt Cardona accepts EC3’s challenge for a “fight.” Not a fight based on money or titles, but based on personal pride and the pursuit of “purpose.”
In addition to EC3 vs Matt Cardona “FTN” hosts five “unsanctioned fights” where the only way to win is by tap out, knock out, or the inability to continue.

Free The Narrative Results (7/3)

• “The Unknown Hand” Nick McNeil def. Jake Logan.
• “Fodder” Merton Woolard def. John Skyler.
• Parrow def. “William” Bill Carr.
• Moose def. “The Vision” Matt Sydal.
• EC3 def. Matt Cardona.

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