Ed Nordholm Appears On Sitting Ringside With David Penzer

Ed Nordholm Talks About Impact Wrestling’s “Darkest Period” In History

Impact Wrestling executive Ed Nordholm recently appeared as a guest on the Sitting Ringside With David Penzer podcast. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the biggest thing he has learned since Anthem Sports purchased Impact Wrestling and started to run the promotion: “That producing content is very different than just broadcasting it. It was an eye opener as to how complicated the process is in getting the product done, the number of moving pieces, the complexity of the moving pieces, the personalities involved, the management of those personalities to come to a successful outcome. There’s been a lot about the industry that we were, perhaps, naïve in thinking it would be as straightforward as we thought it might be. We learned all kinds of lessons, I don’t know where to start.”

On if there was a point where he realized it was going to be harder than Anthem Sports had anticipated: “I would say that when we got into August and September of 2017, I think that was probably coming into our darkest period and we had to make some hard decisions on whether we could or should carry on.”

Check out the complete Ed Nordholm interview at Stitcher.com.

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