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Eddie Edwards Talks Jarrett’s TNA Return, Who He Feels Will Have Good 2017

Former Impact Wrestling World Champion Eddie Edwards recently spoke with wrestling reporter Tom Feaheny for an interview. During the discussion, Edwards spoke about being the World Champion for the promotion heading into 2017.

“It was a dream come true, holding that belt and realizing that was my championship, it was a goal I set out years ago.”

Additionally, Edwards spoke about TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett returning to the company as the key behind-the-scenes management figure.

“Myself and Davey come in and he had gone by then, I’d heard good things about him, I wrestled with him; now he is back with the company it’s an exciting time as he has such a great wrestling mind.”

Regarding who he feels will have an impressive year in 2017, Edwards pointed to DJ Z.

“I’m gonna say DJ Z, with the stuff he has done for the X Division, just what he can do in the ring and the mind he has, he’s one of my best friends, I’d expect big things for him.”

Check out the complete Eddie Edwards interview above.

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