Eddie Kingston Discusses International Stars He Would Like To See In AEW

During his recent Q&A session with Inside The Ropes, AEW star Eddie Kingston spoke about his time on the independent wrestling scene, during the months leading into the COVID-19 pandemic. Kingston also revealed which of international opponents he like to see in AEW, and more. Check out his comments.

On why he can’t wait to start traveling again:

“There’s so much talent there that I can’t wait till everything opens up. I can’t wait to go back and show my love to those promotions for keeping me fed during my years [when I was] not with AEW. You know what I mean? Got to give back. That’s what I did with AIW recently.”

On international wrestler’s he would like to see in AEW:

“Charli Evans, I want to see her here. I want to see [Mark] Davis and Kyle Fletcher here, the Aussie Open. I want to see my boy Dan Maloney. There’s so much talent out there. Kid Lykos, Chris Brookes is at DDT right now, f*ck you Chris [laughs]. I like all those dudes. There’s so many… and I know I’m forgetting people and I’m sorry if I forgot your names. I know who you are and I have a blast with them. Cara Noir, I got to wrestle him multiple times at PROGRESS and at wXw Germany before the pandemic hit and I had to rush my a** back home.”

(H/T and transcribed by ITR)

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