Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston Reveals The Proudest Moment Of His AEW Career Thus Far

Top AEW Star Eddie Kingston recently spoke with TVInsider.com on a number of topics such as how proud he was of Santana and Ortiz the day they told him they signed with AEW and how Santana told him all 3 of them will be in AEW one day.

Eddie Kingston said:

“Teaming up with Santana and Ortiz was also good. I remember the day they signed with AEW. They were at an independent show with me and told me. I hugged them and was so proud. I remember Santana saying, “One day all three of us”.”

Eddie Kingston also spoke about what is the proudest moment of his AEW career thus far.

Eddie Kingston said:

“I told them don’t worry about that and to just do great. They did. Then when we were able to be together [in AEW] we set out a goal and did it. That is a proud moment.”

You can check out Eddie Kingston’s comments at this link.

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