Edge Talks With ESPN

Edge On Daniel Bryan Shooting On His Podcast, Life After WWE & More

WWE Hall Of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland recently spoke with ESPN for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On his life after retiring from WWE: “I had no aspirations after wrestling. I truly just assumed I would retire, grow a big beard, sit on my deck and figure out what was next. If it was nothing, I was OK with that. I pretty much immediately did ‘Haven,’ but still had no kind of false aspirations that this was something that I’d be good at, or would want to do outside of just a couple episodes. It’d be fun, and that will be that.”

On starting the Edge & Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness podcast with Christian: “It was one of those deals where Christian had approached me, because the company had approached him. I said I didn’t know — there’s like a thousand podcasts out there, what can we do that’s different? How do we make ours different than the other hundred out there? It’s different because it’s us. Because of our banter and our chemistry, and the fact that we’ve been best friends for 33 years. You can’t manufacture that. I think you can tell from listening to us that we’re just two idiots having a good time, shooting the breeze like we would anyway, just more wrestling centric.”

On Daniel Bryan’s appearance on their show and being open about wanting to wrestle again and concussion issues in the business: “We’ve just ended up talking, and what has come out has been what you’ve heard. I think the only instance so far where I was surprised with how candid he was, was Bryan talking about the concussions. And a lot of that I didn’t even know, so it was really eye-opening and interesting to see all the steps that he’s taken with that.”

Check out the complete Edge interview at ESPN.com.

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