Edge Talks To Sports Illustrated

Edge Reveals Who He Wants To Win The Royal Rumble, Talks Nakamura/Styles At WM34

WWE Hall Of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland recently spoke with Sports Illustrated for their “Week In Wrestling” feature. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On wanting Shinsuke Nakamura to win the Royal Rumble: “I love Nakamura, but it’s a transition for anybody who comes to WWE. You start him off with Sami at NXT, and talk about having the ultimate meal set for you: you get this amazing selling babyface and get to have this spectacular match. As I’ve talked about on the podcast, NXT is a different beast from WWE. But I think he and AJ can be one of the main events, and I also know the people want it. With the proper build, AJ-Nakamura could be the match on last.

“That’s why I’d like to see Nakamura win the Rumble. He and AJ would have an amazing match, and that would give a different flavor to WrestleMania. You’d also have Brock-Roman and maybe Cena-Taker, as well as the women’s division, so then you’re pretty much set with a solid card.”

On whether or not Nakamura vs. A.J. Styles should headline WrestleMania: “I don’t think main-eventing WrestleMania is just for part-time talent, and I think AJ will prove that. He is a guy who has caught fire and figured out what he needs to do in WWE, which isn’t far off from what he was already doing, but you can tell he made some tweaks. Now, he’s just firing on every cylinder you can fire on. So I think he can be one that shows you can be with WWE full-time and main-event.”

Check out the complete Sports Illustrated “Week In Wrestling” feature at SI.com.

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