Elias Talks To Yahoo! Sports

Elias On Elimination Chamber, Possibly Facing Brock Lesnar, Cena/Strowman

Elias recently spoke with Yahoo! Sports to promote this Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 pay-per-view. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On if he always felt he was better suited for the WWE main roster than NXT: “Ever since I wanted to be a wrestler I always wanted to be on “Monday Night Raw.” People have said that before and that’s fine. A lot of what I do on WWE TV is what I was doing on the NXT Live events. That wasn’t really seen by anybody. But now I get to do it on live television. It also makes the live events something to see. I give a unique performance everywhere I go. You never know what I’m going to say about your city and the people in it.”

On working with guys on the level of John Cena and Braun Strowman this early into his WWE career: “Mixing it up with those guys are two different scenarios. Braun is so massive and you see the kind of damage that he can do to everyone. Clearly, I’m no exception because he smashed me with a cello last week. And then there’s John Cena. He’s been in there with every legend and has done it all. That’s two different experiences but you gotta step up and bring your “A” game every single time.”

On preparing himself for a dangerous match like the Elimination Chamber: “I’m pretty much not focusing on that aspect of the chamber. I’ve heard stories from guys in there but until I get in there myself and experience it, I won’t know what I’m getting into.”

On if he wins the Elimination Chamber, does he agree that it is the perfect type of match to prepare him for a shot against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar: “If there was ever a match to prepare me for Lesnar it would have to be the Elimination Chamber. You have to go through everybody and you have to deal with that structure. I’ve seen what the beast can do to the likes of Braun, Roman and Cena.”

Check out the complete Elias interview at Yahoo.com.

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